We know design, communication, and technology

Divide & Conquer is a small agency that wants to help you with all your digital needs. We offer our clients help with concept development, digital strategy, design, and development. Sometimes we do full campaigns, be it digital or print.

We have extensive experience in multiple business areas, so we can help you with editorial methods, content strategy, social media, and more. Sometimes we do workshops, lectures, and keynotes, write trend reports and analyze what’s next. We love open source, are acclaimed WordPress experts, and can help you choosing the right technical solution. Either we collaborate and bring a project home, or manage the whole process – as long as it’s fun and rewarding, we’re game.

Selected cases

Bonniers Konsthall

Site and ecommerce solution with flexible layout options giving the art gallery an online home for their exhibitions. On-going work with design , development, and strategy. Nominated for the Swedish Publishing Pize in 2019.

Ward Wines

Strategic partner working with communication and content, both in general and targeting the member’s club with newsletters and more. We’re also doing ad campaigns, both digital and in print.

H&M Foundation

We’re a digital partner to H&M Foundation. We help them with their online presence, as well as creating new websites for both the foundation, and Global Change Award.

Cabinet Entertainment

Digital strategy and concepts, as well as design, development, and content for Cabinet. We work with brands like Conan the Barbarian, and license takers such as Marvel and Amazon.

Savoy Baur En Ville

Strategy and site for luxury restaurant Orsini, which resides in the same building as hotel Savoy Baur En Ville in Zürich. We’ve also done photo and video for the restaurant’s digital channels.

Jung Relations

Digital partner for the Jung Relations PR agency, and their clients. We’ve also designed and developed their site.


Development, design, and digital concepts, including a secret ecommerce, for the Volante publishing house. We’re also doing sites for their most renowned authors.

D.A. Mattsson

Design and development of a new site for the owners of Northern Europe’s most advanced recycling plant for concrete, rubble, and more. We’ve also done photo and video to further tell the story of what this innovative company offers.

Divide & Conquer was founded by Helena & Thord

We wanted to create a small and flexible agency that understands today’s need for technology, design, and communication. Together we have over 40 years experience in all kinds of communication.

Helena has worked ad a production manager at communication agencies for over 20 years. She’s got ample experience from digital projects, print campaigns, commercial TV spots, and PR. Helena has worked with some of Sweden’s most premiere brands, companies, and institutions, including the Royal Institute of Technology. She worked with them for nine years, bringing awareness to recruit more female students to engineering programs.

Thord is a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years experience of online products. He was one of the voices covering the rise of the blogosphere, and both designed and developed blog networks and verticals. His books on WordPress have sold over 150,000 copies, and he’s an avid supporter of the open source community, as well as a speaker and columnist.

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